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Appraising the value of forested land requires solid knowledge of the real estate market, careful measurement of trees, a thorough analysis of timber markets, and experience in determining how value will be recognized in the measured timber and forestland.


Steve Templin is a Louisiana State Certified General Appraiser. Templin's appraisal practice specializes in estimating the value of forested properties. As a certified appraiser, a consulting forester, and a real estate broker, Mr. Templin is highly regarded as an appraiser and an expert witness.


Steve Templin utilizes decades of experience in forest land valuations,

Extensive database of forestland transactions and comparable land sales records, far-reaching networks of landowners, brokers, investors, managers and appraisers for a realistic assessment of a property's value.


Templin Forestry has appraised millions of dollars of forested land for acquisition and divestiture by:  Private landowners,  Corporate landowners,  Timberland investment management organizations (TIMOs),  Real estate investment trusts (REITs),  Forest product, sawmill, and logging industry,  Federal and state agencies,  Conservation groups,  Comprehensive forest valuations


Since Templin Forestry specializes in forest management and land sales, characteristics relating to large tracts of land and forested properties are thoroughly researched and considered. Unique attributes may include mineral rights, conservation easements, environmental issues, and wildlife habitat.


A comprehensive forestland appraisal from Templin Forestry will give you the in-depth property knowledge and confidence to proceed with your land transaction.

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