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Johnson Property

80 acres

$ 230,000

Location and Access:


Tract is located in the West ½ of the Northwest ¼, Section 33, T9N, R3W, Winn Parish, LA.   Interior access is either by boot or by foot when it is dry.   The tract is located along Elmer Jones Road, approximately 3 miles east of La 471 between Atlanta and New Verda.




The tract has moderate rolling hills and some minor drainages. A small, old home is located on the property on the north side of the road. Approximately five acres around the house is in grass. Arvil Jones lives in the house and keeps the grass mowed and oversees the property. The Seller requests that the Buyer consider letting Mr. Jones stay in the house as long as he continues to mow the grass and keep things in good



The timber growing on the property consists primarily of loblolly pines that were thinned approximately ten years ago. There is a good mixture of pine sawtimber and pulpwood growing on the property, with hardwoods along the various small drainages. An estimate of timber volumes is available.


Minerals are not included in the sale.

2022 North MacArthur Drive

Alexandria, Louisiana  71303

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Louisiana Forestry Investments, Inc.

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