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LA Hwy 127


106 acres

$ 220,000

Location and Access:


This tract is located along LA-127, approximately ¼ mile south of where LA-127 meets LA-126, approximately 1.5 miles east of Sikes.  A woods road enters the tract from LA-127 where the old home place used to sit.




The topography is gently rolling with a creek running through it.  The soils are mostly fine sandy loams and silt loams that are moderately well-drained.


Approximately 64 acres consist of a thinned pine plantation, 10 acres of a streamside management zone, and 32 acres of a natural, mixed pine/hardwood stand that is approximately 20 years old.


Estimated Timber Volumes



Map Unit Name                                                                               Acreage

Frizzell-Guyton complex, 0 to 2 percent slopes                                 18

Guyton silt loam, 0 to 1 percent slopes, frequently flooded               10

Sacul fine sandy loam, 1 to 5 percent slopes                                       21

Sacul fine sandy loam, 5 to 20 percent slopes                                     14

Savannah fine sandy loam, 1 to 5 percent slopes                                 43

Total                                                                                                     106



Minerals are not included in the sale.



2022 North MacArthur Drive

Alexandria, Louisiana  71303

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Louisiana Forestry Investments, Inc.

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Louisiana Forestry Investments, Inc.

Louisiana Forestry Investments, Inc.

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