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Lank Parker Road


701.4 acres

$ 2,356,722

Location and Access:


This tract is located in Portions of Sections 17, 18, and 19, T7S, R7W, Allen Parish, approximately four miles southwest of Reeves.  Lank Parker Road provides access to the tract.  Interior road access is a woods road.  Call (318) 446-1190 for gate combination.




The tract is situated mostly on ridges with gently rolling topography.  There are some minor streamside management zones on the property.  Approximately 591 acres of the tract were planted with loblolly pines in 1992.  Estimated merchantable timber volumes are shown below:


Estimated Timber Volumes

Product Class                Tons per Acre         Total Tons

Pine Sawtimber               51                            36,011

Pine Chip-n-Saw              15                          10,470

Pine Pulpwood               36                           25,035

Hardwood Sawtimber     0                            69

Hardwood Pulpwood        7                         5,074

Total                                  109                      76,661


Note:  Timber volumes were estimated by a 3rd party.  Templin Forestry, Inc. and Louisiana Forestry Investments, Inc. do not guarantee any data/information.  Buyers are encouraged to make their own timber volume estimates and determination of suitability for any use.  Acreages are not guaranteed.  Prices are for the entire tract.


Minerals are reserved.



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Alexandria, Louisiana  71303

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