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McCartney Property

40 acres

$ 80,000

Location and Access:


The tract is located in southeast Winn Parish, northwest of Georgetown. The tract is south of US 84, east of US 167, west of US 165, and south of the Dugdemona River.  Access to the tract is through the US Forest Service Road. We are considering this to

be public access. For the purposes of timber management, there should be no issues with accessing the property.   Additionally, there are advantages to owning property adjacent to the US Forest Service for recreation, wildlife habitat, and conservation.




The timber on the tract consists of a pre-merchantable pine plantation established in 2011.


Minerals are not included in the sale.

2022 North MacArthur Drive

Alexandria, Louisiana  71303

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Louisiana Forestry Investments, Inc.

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Louisiana Forestry Investments, Inc.

Louisiana Forestry Investments, Inc.